What We Do

You know that driving profitable growth requires the scale and reach of partners.

And not just the traditional channel partners like Distributors, VARs, and System Integrators. Digital Transformation is disrupting the channel while creating entirely new routes to market and partnership opportunities.

Channel Journeys, Inc. offers strategic and tactical channel consulting to accelerate your revenue growth by solving key challenges you face today. We stay on top of the latest trends and best practices to ensure your channel program stays relevant in the market.

Our services include:

Channel Go-to-Market Strategy

A successful channel program begins with everyone knowing your strategy. Without a clearly defined and agreed upon strategy, your organization and your partners may be running in different directions and taking actions that impede revenue growth.

Channel Journeys will define a go-to-market strategy that includes your channel goals and the sales, marketing, recruitment, and enablement plans to achieve those goals.

Channel Assessment

Gaining the strategic alignment critical to mission success can be difficult. And alignment to your channel strategy is even more challenging due to how channel teams and supporting functions are organized.

Channel Journeys provides an internal and external assessment of your channel strategy. We analyze the organizational and programmatic barriers to the success of your channel business. In addition, we provide clear recommendations for a successful channel journey.

Partner Program Design

Your partner program sets the stage for the partners you will attract and keep motivated to grow your business. Programs can be overly complex or miss key ingredients that engage and energize partners, especially the new partner opportunities driven by the digital transformation.

Channel Journeys applies a 3-step process to define a lean Partner Program framework aligned to your channel strategy. First, we define your value propositions to your customers and to your partners. Next, we analyze the expectations and define the roles of the vendor and the partner. And then we determine the program benefits and partner requirements that define the program.

Partner Recruiting Strategy

Many vendors make the mistake of signing up every partner who raises their hand, wasting precious resources on failed enablement.

Channel Journeys saves you time and money by developing your partner recruiting strategy. We determine what types of partners should be in your ecosystem. We define your ideal partner profiles based on the expected role of the various partner types. Then we help you develop your partner recruiting materials and marketing plan attract and recruit the right partners.

Partner Onboarding Program

Companies often have onboarding program for their employees but fail to have a similar program for partners. A well-defined and executed partner onboarding program creates a positive first impression with your partners and puts them on a path to repeatable success.

Channel Journeys develops onboarding plans that shortens your partners’ time to revenue and enables them to become more self-sufficient. Our comprehensive plans include sales, technical, and marketing onboarding to set the stage for long-term growth.

Fractional Channel Chief

You many not be ready to hire a full-time channel executive, yet you want to have an experienced channel leader to help develop and execute your channel strategy.

Channel Journeys can fill the gap through our fractional channel chief services that will increase the return on your channel investments. We help you execute faster and avoid costly mistakes until you’re ready to hire a full-time channel chief.