Is your channel program about to run aground?

Define your channel strategy in 3 steps and stay on course Each November sailboat captains make a 1500 mile passage south from the Northeast US to the Caribbean.  For safety, they’ll often join one of 3 rallies; the...

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The 5 best ways to handle channel conflict

Conflict-handling modes for Channel Chiefs  Dealing with channel conflict is right at the top of the job description for any Channel Chief.  It’s what we do.  And we love the challenge and reward of dealing with conflict...

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the race to channel participation

The Race for Channel Participation

Increasing Channel Sales in a Direct Sales Culture As the global head of channels at a software firm that has a long history of direct selling, driving channel sales growth requires a massive cultural transformation.   I’m...

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A Tale of Two Channels

Finding the right channel strategy in the Age of Digital Transformation This is a story of two sales channels driven by the digital transformation.  If you’re a fan of Dickens, you may recall the famous opening “It was...

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My Week Out of the Channel

Lessons Learned Sailing on the Deep Blue Sea Recently I had the great fortune of spending a week on an offshore sailing adventure. My goal was to improve my offshore sailing skills in hopes of getting a crew slot on the Carib...

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How Successful Channel Vendors View Direct Sales

Developing A Multi-Channel Sales Strategy That actually Works Whenever I’m developing a Go-To-Market strategy for an IT product or service, my top goal is to find the most effective way to reach the target customers and...

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