Improving Channel Manager performance

Improving Channel  Manager Performance through Automation

CJ1. Welcome to the first episode of the Channel Journeys podcast. Today’s guest is an entrepreneur who has developed an innovative solution to a classic problem – how to increase the performance of channel managers.  Gary Morris is the founder and CEO of Successful Channels and the creator of the 5-minute channel manager toolkit. I had a lot of fun chatting with Gary about his favorite things to do, why he loves Turkey, the channel journey that led him to take the entrepreneurial leap, and the mission he is on to improve channel manager performance.

  • [5:00] Gary’s favorites outside the channel: Tennis and Turkey
  • [17:00] Built Successful Channels to provide the under-served Channel Account Manager with automated Partner Planning & Performance tools
  • [21:00] Channel has been slow to adopt new technology due to cultural resistance, but that’s starting to change
  • [26:00] Partner partner business planning, score-carding and QBRs are the most critical part of building your partner of business
  • [27:00] The time to create a joint business plan can be reduced from days and weeks to hours and minutes
  • [32:00] Score-carding breaks down silos and builds collaboration between channel managers and the sales team
Show Notes

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